Ziadatul Hikmiah


Ziadatul Hikmiah, S.Pd., S.Psi., M.Sc.

NIK: 2018079011282001

NIDN: 0028119005


E-mail: ziadatulhikmiah@ub.ac.id

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Undergraduate: Graduated in 2012 from Faculty of Letters, state University of Malang majoring English Pedagogy, then in 2014 graduated from Faculty of Social and Political Science, Brawijaya University majoring Psychology.

Postgraduate: Took a master degree in Developmental Psychopathology from Durham University, UK

Training: CBM Advocacy Training (November, 2017)

Research Interests

Interested in developmental psychopathology, neuroscience, clinical and experimental psychology.

Esteem Indicators

Mentoring and Supervision

Research Experiences

  • Gerontology study; Attitude toward Aging and Meaningfulness of Life of Elderly People in Malang (2014)
  • Anxiety and Reaction to Emotional Facial Expression (Approach-Avoidance Test) (2016)

Selected Research Funding

Research Outputs

Selected Publications

Profesional Membership

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