Yuliezar Perwira Dara


Yuliezar Perwira Dara, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psikolog

NIK: 2016078507022001

NIDN: 0002078506


E-mail: perwiradara@ub.ac.id

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Dara, Psycholog received her bachelor’s in Psychology (Aug 2003 – April 2008) From Airlangga University, Major in Educational Psychology, and master’s in Educational Psychology (Aug 2008 – January 2011) from Gadjah Mada University.

Training : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety (2010); Assesment Centre Training (2016); Sign Language Training for Lecture of Universitas Brawijaya (2018)

Professional Experiences:

2018 – current as a counsellor of Student Counselling Services, Universitas Brawijaya.

2017 – current as a member of final project team at Psychology department, Universitas Brawijaya

2014 – current as lecturer at Psychology department, Universitas Brawijaya

Research Interests

  • Mental Health studies, specifically School well-being and Anti-Bullying Studies.
  • Exceptional Children
  • Counseling Skill

Esteem Indicators

  • The 1st Best Lecturer Award  of Psychology Department in the Field of Social and Political Sciences from Brawijaya University (2018).
  • Competing Book grants on UB Press in 2017

Mentoring and Supervision

Since 2014, Extensive experience of undergraduate programme student supervision in Psychology Department, Faculty Of Social Science And Political Science, Brawijaya University. The clustered themes of her supervision deal with the topic of School Well-Being, Exceptional Children, and Counseling.

Research Experiences

  • School Well-being On Junior High School In Malang (2018)
  • Social of Value: for FPI members in East Java (2017)
  • Effect of Providing Competency Development for Malang City BK Teachers Using Rogerian Approach to Non-Technical Competency (Macroskill) Enhancement in Counseling (2016)
  • Warning Labels (Information, Questions, and Pictorial Warning Labels) in Reducing the Intention of Buying Instant Noodles to Students University in Malang (2015)
  • Selfies and Aggression: Experiments on FISIP UB Students (2014)
  • Application of The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Program for Preschool Classroom: Community Themes in Improving Students’ Prosocial Behavior in Preschool Age in Kindergarten (2011)
  • The Relationship Between Student Perception About Teacher Authoritarian Attitudes With Student Assertiveness To Teachers (2008)

Selected Research Funding

Research Outputs

Selected Publications

Journal articles

  • Dina, E., Hermawan, F., Dara, Y.P. (2017). Emotion Focused Coping in Single Mother Who has Adolescence with Autisme. Guidena, Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan, Psikologi, Bimbingan Dan Konseling  Vol 7, No 2.
  • Syafrina, D., Permatasari, D.P., Dara, Y.P. P (2016). Parasocial and Romantic Beliefs : Study on Korean Drama Series Audience. Mediapsi, Vol. 2, 16-22.
  • Lestari, S., Widyasari, S.D., Dara, Y.P. (2016). Form of Warning Label (Pictorial, Information and Question Warning Label) to Reduce Intention of Consuming Instant Noodles to Undergraduate Students in Malang City. Psikologi Integratif, Vol 4 No. 2.


  • Megawati, Y., Sarirah, T., Dara, Y.P. (2016). Influence Providing Workshop Development Counseling  Competence Approach Based Rogerian to Teacher High School & Vocational School in Malang. Proceeding “Strengtening Humanity by Promoting Wellness”. Positive Psychology National Seminar In Widya Mandala, Surabaya Catholic University.

Books and book chapters

  • Faizah, Rahma., Dara, Y.P. (2017). Psikologi Pendidikan: Aplikasi Teori di Indonesia. Malang: UB Press.

Profesional Membership

  • Member of Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI).

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