Ika Adita Silviandari

Ika Adita

Ika Adita Silviandari, S.Psi., M.Psi, Psikolog

NIK: 2011028201112001

NIDN: 0711018201


E-mail: ikaaditas@gmail.com

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Undergraduate: Bachelor degree of Psychology in Gadjah Mada University (2000-2005)


  1. Master of Profession degree of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Gadjah Mada University (2006 – 2009).
  2. Doctorate degree of Psychology in Gadjah Mada University (2017 – on going)


Learning Evaluation Workshop (2012), Talent Mapping Workshop (2013),
Workshop on “Rasch Model Applications” for Social Sciences Research (2014), Certified of Assessment Center Assessor (2016), Theory Building Basic Level (2016).

Research Interests

The field of research interest in the area of ​​industrial psychology and organization which includes selection management, assessment center, organizational development, organizational behavior including one of which is of particular interest is workplace bullying. Recently, this deepens the study of cooperation and competition within organizations, especially those that are related to cross-generation within organizations.

Esteem Indicators

  • Certified Assessor of Assessment Center from Smart A Consulting, Jakarta. 2016

Mentoring and Supervision

Undergraduate Studies: More than 30 undergraduate students of Psychology Faculty in Brawijaya University had been supervised include those whose work as independent researcher in research theme and students in a research group under the same supervisor.

Clustered Theme: Workplace Bullying, Selection Management (Interview Bias Experiment),  Organizational Behavior in Disruption Era (in Online Transportation Services), Counterproductive Behavior in Govermental and Higher Education Organization.

Research Experiences

1) Role conflict and workplace bullying: A meta-analysis study, (2018), 2) An overview of the comparative types of higher education institutions based on the six-box Weisbord model, (2017), FISIP UB Internal Grant Research. 3) Impression Management : Ingratiation Tactic And Techniques Of Interview (2016), 4) Interview bias: The influence of stereotypes (Batak and Javanese tribes) on factors in work interviews, (2016), FISIP UB Internal Grant Research. 5) Perception as a Victim at the Oppression Workplace in terms of DISC’s human typology, (2015), BOPTN Grant Research. 6) Management of “Ingratiation” and “Self Promotion” Impressions about the ranking of changes in work interviews, (2015), Research on Internal Grants of FISIP UB. 7) Differences in Work – Life Balance (WLB) for Women Working in the Field of Industry, Health, Education. (2014), Research on Internal Grants of Brawijaya University FISIP. 8) The impact of psychological capital on job embededdness among javanesse teachers 2013), Universitas Brawijaya Research Grant.  9) Analysis of Psychological Aspects Affecting Online Expenditures on Consumers, (2012), Research on Internal Grants FISIP Universitas Brawijaya. 10) The influence of spirituality, Group Spiral affectivity and organizational climate to occupational commitment, (2012), Research on Internal Grants FISIP Universitas Brawijaya.

Selected Research Funding

Research Outputs

Published in some National and one international Scale of Scientific Journals and orally presented in national and international conference.

Selected Publications

  • Silviandari, I.A. (2018). Role conflict and workplace bullying: A meta-analysis study.
  • Darmawan, A.A.Y.P., Silviandari, I.A., Susilawati.I.R., (2015) The relationship between Burnout with Work-Life Balance in Female Lecturers.
  • Susilawati.I.R., Silviandari, I.A. (2012). The Influence of Personality Type on Intention to Buy Consumers through New Product Advertising with Presentation of Heuristic-Systematic Persuasion Model, Manasa, 1 (2). December, 2012.
  • Silviandari, I.A, Widyarini, I., Susilawati, I.R., Ilhamuddin (2013). The Influence of Spirituality, Spiral Affectivity and Organizational Climate to Occupational Commitment Group, Manasa, 2 (1), June, 2013.

Profesional Membership

  • Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia (HIMPSI)
  • Industrial and Organizational Organization (APIO Indonesia)

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